Britain has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, mostly due to the negative attitude towards breastfeeding in public. There are many women who have faced scrutiny from breastfeeding their child in public. As a woman I feel strongly about this subject and aim to utilise my creative output to help shift perceptions.

The #LetsLatch project was created with the intention to help support, promote and normalise breastfeeding in public. The project was showcased as an exhibition in February 2020, in Sheffield. 

    Big thanks to Alexandra Wallace for photographing these beautiful images and Smithfield Studios for the great studio space.

    The amazing mums & babies from left to right: Tiffani & Louie, Katy & Danika, Nat & Florence, Lavelle & Jaleel, Radka & Lucas, Sheridan & Mayan, Clare & Jude.

    The Exhibition was held at the Gage Gallery.